Monday, March 01, 2010

Is Your Metabolism Working FOR YOU?

The way your metabolism functions has everything to do with how you feel, and most importantly, how you either burn fat or store fat. So would you like to learn how to put your body in fat burning mode, rather than fat storing mode?

First, understand that most bodies in today’s world are in fa.t storing mode due to:
• eating foods that provide no energy (high-fat, high-carb, high-calorie foods that lack nutrition), that actually create lethargy or the slowing down of the metabolism
• lack of exercise since most of one’s daily activities are sedentary – sitting!

To put your body in fat burning mode, the key is – reverse it:
• eat foods that are high in nutrition (fresh vegetables, fruits, wholesome grains and legumes, foods lower in calories, fat and carbs), that actually create energy and speeding up your metabolism
• begin your day exercising with a good honest workout and find ways to exercise throughout the day (biking, walking, yard work, etc.)

Here are some ways to specifically speed up your metabolism:
• use different workout methods: stretching (Yoga), wei/ght lifting, aerobic
• alternate methods throughout the week: 30 minutes jogging alternately with walking; 20 minutes wei/ght work preceding a 20 minute aerobic workout; 60 minutes of consistent moderate workout (brisk walking or hiking)
• increase your water intake to aid your body’s cleansing process
• eat smaller meals which include mostly vegetables and a small amount of lean protein, whole grains, or beans; eat fresh fruits or vegetables between meals

Come learn how all this can work for you at the 3-day mountain health retreats next month.

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For your best health,
Erleen Tilton


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Hi Erleen,
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Great post! Drinking lots of water is key-- not only does it provide the hydration necessary for body function, but it also helps to curb your appetite. Did you know that your body often mistakes hunger for thirst?!

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