Thursday, November 30, 2006

Are You Overweight?

Most people if asked this question will have to answer "Yes"! Why are most of us overweight and not as healthy as we should be? Here are a few tips to consider:

1) A food is defined as something you eat that will nourish, give life, energy and health. Are you eating foods? Or are you just stuffing yourself with fluff and stuff that goes on as fat and toxins? Eat foods that nourish and give you life: raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouts, and a variety of grains and beans that are high in protein, fiber and nutrition.

2) Not only does the body needs nourishment, it also needs cleansing. The best cleanser we have is WATER! If its not water, it's not water! Most adults should be drinking 3-4 quarts water daily - good pure distilled water. That way our system is cleansed to keep us energized and healthy.

3) Take a look around you and note that those that are fit and trim work at it. They walk, jog, bike, go to the gym, hike, and more. This is part of good health as well as being fit and trim. Schedule the time to work out just as you do to eat. It's all just a matter of making it a priority!

4) Studies show that people who are overweight constantly think negatively about their weight. If you are always thinking that you are fat, you will never be thin. Begin thinking of yourself as the thin energetic person you want to become. When you look into the mirror, see yourself as the thin, attractive person you will be, and then that's what you will be. Remember, our thoughts always preceed our outcome!

5) At this holiday season, learn to say "NO"! You don't want to put on more weight, so when the goodies, get passed around, just say "No Thanks, my body deserves better!" Choose to eat foods that nourish and work with your body, not against. Keep the raw nuts, veggies, fresh and dried fruits handy.

You can do it! Have a wonderful Christmas! And feel good and energetic too!