Monday, March 01, 2010

Is Your Metabolism Working FOR YOU?

The way your metabolism functions has everything to do with how you feel, and most importantly, how you either burn fat or store fat. So would you like to learn how to put your body in fat burning mode, rather than fat storing mode?

First, understand that most bodies in today’s world are in fa.t storing mode due to:
• eating foods that provide no energy (high-fat, high-carb, high-calorie foods that lack nutrition), that actually create lethargy or the slowing down of the metabolism
• lack of exercise since most of one’s daily activities are sedentary – sitting!

To put your body in fat burning mode, the key is – reverse it:
• eat foods that are high in nutrition (fresh vegetables, fruits, wholesome grains and legumes, foods lower in calories, fat and carbs), that actually create energy and speeding up your metabolism
• begin your day exercising with a good honest workout and find ways to exercise throughout the day (biking, walking, yard work, etc.)

Here are some ways to specifically speed up your metabolism:
• use different workout methods: stretching (Yoga), wei/ght lifting, aerobic
• alternate methods throughout the week: 30 minutes jogging alternately with walking; 20 minutes wei/ght work preceding a 20 minute aerobic workout; 60 minutes of consistent moderate workout (brisk walking or hiking)
• increase your water intake to aid your body’s cleansing process
• eat smaller meals which include mostly vegetables and a small amount of lean protein, whole grains, or beans; eat fresh fruits or vegetables between meals

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For your best health,
Erleen Tilton

Friday, February 19, 2010

If You Could Improve Just a Little.....

Here are a few simple suggestions that could make a huge difference in your health...

• Double your antioxidant intake in your meal by adding herbs to your salads, vegetables and main dishes: any green herb, ginger, cumin, marjoram, lemon balm – it's all great!
• Even if you don’t buy all organic produce….. The 12 most pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables include are peaches, apples, sweet bell peppers, celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, lettuce, grapes, pears, spinach, and potatoes. So buy these or most of these grown organically!
• Eat lots of greens in at least two meals: kale (the best), collards, mustard greens, turnip greens, spinach, chard, and leaf lettuces.
• Eats lots of red-orange-yellow foods: carrots, red bell peppers, sweet potatoes, and more – these are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
• Cut out the refined fats, and go only for the good fats: avocado, raw nuts, coconut, etc. And better yet, add avocado, olive oil, nuts and olives to your red-orange- yellow fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system and increase your fat soluble vitamins, example: add avocado to your salsa, olive oil to your steamed vegetables, nuts and olives to salads, and more!
• It is said that people who eat less, live longer! So don't eat until you are full, just eat to satisfy.

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For your best health,
Erleen Tilton

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Build Strong Bones!

There is much said about osteoporosis today, and reason enough since there are many who suffer with osteoporosis as they age. Here are some things to consider for keeping your bones strong.

First, view these statistics and findings:
1) A 12-year Harvard study of 78,000 women concluded that milk drinkers broke three times more bones than those who rarely drank milk
2) A study of women in Sydney, Australia concluded that high milk drinkers showed higher bone fractures
3) Pasteurized milk actually leaches calcium from the bones which is one of the major causes of osteoporosis – see
4) Soft drinks also dissolve calcium from teeth and bones because of the acid content
5) Acidic foods (cooked, high in sugars & starches, animals proteins) also leaching calcium from bones

There are many foods that are high in calcium and are better assimilated by the body – some of which might surprise you:
• green leafy vegetables: Swiss chard, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, collards, kale, beet, mustard, and turnip greens are loaded with highly absorbable calcium; spinach is the exception as the absorption rate is low
• beans (legume family) – chickpeas, tofu, all kinds of beans and peas are full of calcium plus magnesium which the body uses to build strong bones too
• seeds – sesame, sunflower, pumpkin seeds are all great sources of calcium
• sprouts – especially alfalfa sprouts, sunflower sprouts and others are also great sources of calcium

The most important thing is not just getting enough calcium, it is keeping the calcium you get:
• Active people keep more calcium in their bones than inactive people
• Jumping rope, running or jogging (not just walking), or playing some kind of active sport keeps your bones stronger
• Children should also be encouraged in active play (running, jumping, ball playing, etc.) to develop strong bones as they grow
• Weight lifting (dumbbells or sand weights) causes your muscles to pull on your bones making them more dense and stronger
• Remember too that Vitamin D is needed in order to keep your calcium – and getting 20-30 minutes of direct sunshine each day is really important for that

Again, the message seems to be to Eat Healthy Foods and get plenty of Exercise and Sunshine – if so, you have a greater chance at stronger bones!

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For your best health,
Erleen Tilton

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Swine Flu - You Can Prevent This!

The swine flue - much like any other type of illness - is not to be feared, if you are willing to take preventative measures. This is key! Start now, and some type of virus as this will either pass you and your family by, or it will come in a much lesser degree. So here are some preventative measures you can take:

1) Wash your hands frequently especially when you are out in public: after grocery shopping (and pushing a shopping cart), after filling up the gas tank, after using public restrooms especially, etc. Use wet wipes, or a natural hand sanitizer (with tea tree oil, etc.) rather than other hand sanitizers that can be really harmful for children.

2) Strengthen your immune system by taking the following on a daily basis:
* Vitamin D (D3 not D2)
* Fish oil (I like Carlton brand, lemon flavor, and poor it on my salads - no fishy flavor, just lemon - yummy!)
* Green drinks - some form of powdered greens. I have an excellent brand to recommend if you'd like to email me: Green foods have mega-high micronutrients and are very low in calories - a great food to have on a daily basis. In a smoothie, you'll hardly know its there (just put it in a colored cup for children so they don't see the green color).

3) Eat lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables! Don't go easy on these - go easy on all the other stuff you'd like to eat (breads, sweets, pastas, meats, milk products, etc.)! Fresh produce does make a huge difference in our health!

4) Place fresh whole peeled onions in the main rooms of your house (at least when others around you have the flu). This has been proven successful in absorbing virus germs.

There is no fear if you are prepared - and you can prepare in many simple ways as this.

For your best health,

Thursday, September 10, 2009

White Beans & Your Health!

For the normal grocery store shopper, the only taste of white beans has been in a can of Pork and Beans. What a sad tale – because white beans have lots of great benefits that you are probably unaware of.

White beans (navy beans, great northern beans, cannellini beans):
· Are low in calories and fat
· Curb cravings
· Increase your energy
· Satisfy your appetite
· Prevent the enzyme alpha-amylase from turning carbs into sugar
· Block absorption of 2/3 carb calories
· Boost wei*ght loss up to 230%
· Are a great plant protein with slow-digesting soluble fiber
· And are very inexpensive (best purchased dry – see below for cooking)

Plus all these factors, white beans are very versatile in recipes. You can:
· Add them to pasta dishes with a variety of chopped vegetables (peppers, basil, broccoli)
· Mash them into a bean dip, or make them into hummus (instead of chickpeas)
· Sauté them with onions, garlic, bell peppers or other vegetables and season
· Stir-fry them with greens (Swiss chard, kale, etc.)
· Add them to soups with other vegetables, with or without whole grains (brown rice or quinoa)
· Grind them to a flour and use it in place of cornstarch to thicken foods

Cooking them is simpler than making pie! Just soak them in water overnight, then drain and cover with new water. Simmer 1-2 hours or pressure cook 25-30 minutes (depending on size).

For a great recipe idea…….here’s a tasty recipe from the Healthy Leaner Lifestyle series – Creatively Complete Dinners cookbook!


8 oz. whole grain vegetable spiral pasta
2 Tbs. olive oil
3 cloves garlic, pressed
½ onion, sliced and quartered
1 red bell pepper, cut into thin long strips
1 small zucchini, cut into thin long strips
1 small yellow squash, cut into thin long strips
1 tsp. salt (or more to taste)
Black pepper, cayenne pepper or kelp granules to taste
2 C. cooked navy beans, well drained (or 15 oz. can)
2-3 Tbs. fresh snipped parsley or cilantro

· Cook pasta according to package directions; drain well
· Prepare all vegetables as suggested
· In large skillet, heat oil and stir-fry garlic, onion, bell pepper and squashes just until crisp tender
· Stir in seasonings, drained beans and pasta
· Sprinkle with parsley or cilantro just before serving. Great main dish!

To order your copy of Creatively Complete Dinners cookbook, go to

Enjoy the great benefits of white beans in your menus!

For your best health,
Erleen Tilton

Back & Neck Injuries Anyone?

This past week, I had a visit from a friend, and her husband, who was schooled in the areas of massage, pressure points, and reflexology. In the course of our conversation, he briefly mentioned that because of an accident and resulting back and neck injuries, as long as he stretched out each day doing a certain few exercises, he rarely had any reoccurring problems.

Then he proceeded to show me the stretching exercises he was given to do.
As I watched him go through this routine of exercises, I was amazed to find out that he was doing step-by-step the first 8-10 minutes of my Living a Healthy Lifestyle workout routine. I could have almost sworn that he had copied my video.

I have known for a long time that stretching is important for the body's well being at any age, and as we age, stretching will keep the body limber and our muscles stronger. All three workout components (stretching, wei*ght work, and aerobics) are important for keeping fit and active, but learning about what he shared on stretching and its importance for the neck a back really amazed me.

If you are in need of a good workout for whole body fitness, or need to strengthen your neck and back, then take advantage of this month's discount at $13.95 for the Living a Healthy Lifestyle workout DVD at

What a blessing it is to have a strong, physical body! Take good care of your body each day with good exercise!

For your best health,
Erleen Tilton

Cheese - Made With Cashews!

Of all the recipe creations and experimenting I have done over the last 30 years, making all kinds of milk and cheesy type recipes using raw cashews is tops. Blanched almonds, raw pine nuts, and raw macadamia nuts can have a similar kind of outcome, but raw cashews is easier and the least expensive with the best flavor and texture.

Raw cashews can be made into: milk, cheese sauces (for lasagna, pizza, enchilada, scalloped potatoes, alfredo sauce, etc.), sour cream, cream cheese, whipped cream, creamy fruit dip, cheesecakes, frozen desserts, even a mayonnaise like spread, and so much more! Everyone is so amazed at the awesome flavor!

For those with dairy intolerances, raw cashews are a real life saver! You can make all of your favorite foods - and enjoy the rich flavor using raw cashews while improving the nutrition content!

I have created two specific cookbooks that contain recipes for dairy alternatives and the suggested foods above: Creatively Complete Dinners cookbook, and 41 Favorite Food Intolerant Recipes mini-cookbook, both of which are available at a discount this month at

.... and here's another great recipe from the Healthy Leaner Lifestyle series!


12-14 oz. brown rice fettuccini
3 C. soy, rice or almond milk
1 C. raw cashews
3 cloves garlic
¼ C. cornstarch
2 tsp. salt
¼ tsp. black pepper
3 Tbs. olive oil
1 red bell pepper, cut into ½" x 2" strips
1 yellow bell pepper, cut into ½" x 2" strips
4 green onions, cut into 1" pieces
½ C. chopped parsley

· Cook fettuccini as directed on package; drain well
· In a blender, combine milk, cashews, garlic, cornstarch, salt, pepper, and oil
· Blend until smooth, 2-3 minutes
· Pour into large saucepan; add prepared vegetables and cook, while stirring, just until mixture thickens
· Stir in well drained fettuccini and combine

Variation: For Fettuccini-Chicken Alfredo, cut up 1 lb. fresh organic chicken breasts into 1" pieces, sauté in skillet in 1 Tbs. olive oil, season with salt to taste, and stir into sauce after thickened

This recipe and many more great ones are from Creatively Complete Dinners available at


¾ C. water
1 C. raw cashews
6 oz. silken tofu, or ½ C. pine nuts, macadamia nuts, or blanched almonds
3 Tbs. honey or agave syrup
2 Tbs. coconut oil (or other cold-pressed oil)
1 tsp. vanilla

· Place all ingredients in blender and blend very smooth
· Use in place of dairy whipped cream; chill well for fruit dip.

This recipe and many more great ones are from 41 Favorite Food Intolerant Recipes available at

Get your copies now at a discount - and begin enjoying the benefits of Raw Cashews!! Have a great week!

For your best health,
Erleen Tilton

Friday, July 17, 2009

Raw Foods - Why and What?

Raw foods, simply put, are foods not cooked or heated to a lesser degree to avoid the loss of nutrients. Since nutrients - vitamins and minerals - are key factors in meeting the needs of the body so it can function properly, raw foods are also key in obtaining optimum health.

Raw foods:
· are fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouts, raw nuts and seeds
· specifically provide a larger supply of nutrients
· also supply larger amount of enzymes for proper digestion of the nutrients (even if you do eat great healthy foods, if your body does not digest them due to lack of enzymes, it does no good)
· are foods dehydrated at very low temperatures as to retain nutrients
· can also include lightly steamed vegetables - though no longer really raw - but can have the benefits of raw foods providing that they have had low, minimal heat

So how do you get the amount of raw foods in your diet?

1) Don't believe the lie that raw foods (fresh produce) are more expensive! You body is always more satisfied in eating raw foods and you will naturally eat less. But most importantly, raw foods will provide you the benefits that will keep you stronger and less likely to get sick - don't think for a minute that, for example, appendicitis, IBS, ADD, heart attacks, etc. are not costly! You get what you pay for, or don't pay for!
2) Establish the rule of eating raw foods every meal or every eating interval. Include fresh fruits first thing in the morning and at snack time. Always serve raw vegetables for lunch and dinner (fresh green hearty salads - see Simple Super Salads, or Creatively Complete Dinners at These hearty salads can also make great breakfasts too!
3) Having raw foods for every meal means shopping for an abundance of raw foods, or growing them on a continual basis (great advantage of gardening). Lots of greens (spinach, leaf lettuce, sprouts of all kinds, kale, chard, beet tops, etc.), and a variety of orange, red, yellow, and blue/purple vegetables and fruits are important: carrots, sweet potatoes, red bell peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, purple grapes, yellow squash, blueberries or other berries, and/or many other varieties in all their colors.
4) As mentioned, eat raw foods for snacks: apples, bananas, carrots, snap peas, nuts - whatever you like, and take them along with you wherever you go. These are great foods for the road and some, you see, are "pre-packaged" for your convenience.

Enjoy a tasty "raw food" dessert from 31 Favorite Frozen Dessert Recipes!
Go to to get the other 30 great recipes for just a few cents!


1½ C. raw whole almonds
2 C. cold pure water
2 large bananas
½ C. honey
or ¼ C. honey or agave syrup
and ¼ tsp. clear liquid stevia
Pinch salt
1 Tbs. xanthan gum or guar gum, or 3 Tbs. ultra gel
(great binding agents, check health food stores)
2 Tbs. coconut oil
1 tsp. vanilla
2 C. more cold pure water

· Soak almonds in water (approx. 2 C.) overnight; drain well
· If almonds are not blanched, and skins are not desired, remove skins; otherwise proceed
· In blender bowl, place 2 C. water and drained almonds; blend on high 2-3 minutes
· Add all remaining ingredients except last water; blend at least 1 more minute
· Stir in last 2 C. water
· Chill first if desired, then proceed according to ice cream maker's directions.
· Makes approx. 2 quarts Ice Delicious

This little book is terrific, so get your copy now at:

For your best health,
Erleen Tilton

Dangerous Food Additives!

There are all kinds of reasons for food additives in much of what is in our markets and restaurants today. They are added to:
· prolong shelf life
· preserve foods
· enhance flavors
· add color
· cause stimulation
· create addiction
However, the bottom line has to do with increasing the profits of the producer, without the consideration of the health of the consumer. These food additives are eaten blindly - they usually don't have a flavor - and we don't understand the long term consequences or effects on our state of health. However beware......

· Sweeteners - Even though sugar is void of nutrients and considered a drug because it only causes chemical reactions in the body, our much worse choices are the unhealthy sugar substitutes, or artificial sweeteners. Aspartame (Nutrasweet, Neotame, etc.) can cause brain damage, central nervous system disturbances, menstrual difficulties, and brain damage in an unborn fetus. Saccharin (Sweet 'N Low) is proven to cause cancer.

Suggestions: Prepare your foods with wholesome ingredients, and you will avoid these additives totally. Use raw honey, stevia, whole dates, date sugar, pure maple syrup, pure maple sugar, brown rice syrup, agave nectar. These are sweeteners have nutritional benefits and can feed your body.

· Preservatives - BHA & BHT can cause cancer, liver and kidney damage, behavioral problems, infertility, birth defects, weaken the immune system and more. Nitrites and nitrates, though considered dangerous by the FDA are added to prevent botulism in meats. However they form powerful cancer causing agents in the stomach and can cause headaches, migraines, nausea, vomiting and dizziness.

· FD&C Colors - most of the colors are derived from coal tar and contain small amount of lead and arsenic. They are potential carcinogenic contaminants and can cause allergic reactions, hyperactivity, schizophrenia, as well as other attention deficit disorders.

Suggestions: Avoid ready-made processed foods and meats, and you will be able to avoid these harmful additives. There are many healthy brands with more wholesome ingredients that do not contain these additives

· Food enhancers - free glutamates are found in bouillon, broths, flavorings of all sorts, soy protein seasonings, whey proteins, and in a multiple of foods that even advertise NO MSG. MSG (monosodium glutamate) is found in a large variety of processed foods as well such as chewing gum, drinks, medications, infant formula, low fat milk, drinks, and much more. These enhancers can cause headaches, nausea, brain and nervous disorders, high blood pressure, allergic reactions, and reproductive disorders.

· Caffeine - psychoactive, addictive drug which can cause fertility problems, birth defects, heart disease, depression, behavioral changes, insomnia, and nervousness.

Remember: the more processing a food goes through, the lower the nutritional content and the higher the additives to preserve, enhance, and get you addicted. Foods are meant to nourish and heal the body, not create sickness - and additives are doing just that. Read labels and choose foods and products that have minimal processing, but are wholesome and nutritious to the body.

Avoiding unhealthy foods can sometimes be a challenge as it usually means changing some habits. If you would like to know how to make this transition easier for yourself as well as your family in an easy step by step, hands-on experience, then register for one of the upcoming Health Retreats now at:
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.... another great recipe from the Healthy Leaner Lifestyle series! You will find this fabulous recipe in Simple Super Salads cookbook, or the new 41 Favorite Food Intolerant Recipes mini-cookbook at

(no additives in this great mayonnaise replacement - and it's all good-for-you ingredients)

¾ C. water
¾ C. raw cashews
6 oz. tofu, or ½ C. blanched almonds or pine nuts
1 tsp. salt
½ tsp. onion powder
1 tsp. brewers yeast flakes (opt.)
2 Tbs. apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
¼ C. cold pressed oil (olive or safflower)

· Combine all ingredients except oil in blender and blend on high for 1-2 minutes, or until smooth and creamy
· Slowly add oil while blending
· Chill well to thicken
· Makes approx. 2 cups and will keep refrigerated for approx. 2 weeks.

Erleen Tilton

Friday, May 29, 2009

Swine Flu & Natural Immunity!

With all the dire warnings about the Swine Flu, where is the message about building natural immunity?

The internet is abuzz with warnings bordering on hysteria (conventional media) to a variety of conspiracy theories, and even to allegations that the pandemic is a government fabrication designed to sell stockpiles of anti-viral medications.

Conventional medical advice ranges from wearing face masks to taking the anti-viral drug called tamiflu (which can have many serious side effects, see

It is interesting to note that not once in all the media broadcasts have we heard any mention of building natural immunity. Here's what the Weston A. Price Foundation has to say:

Fortunately, we do not have to sit back and listen to the news about swine flu feeling helpless and anxious. We can be proactive by simply nourishing ourselves and our families.

Vitamins A and D in cod liver oil offer strong protection against infection of all types, as well as against environmental toxins.

Vitamin C is important-either from vitamin C-rich foods like sauerkraut, or from one of the natural vitamin C supplements recommended.

Healthy gut flora provides 85 percent of our protection against disease. Be sure to consume healthy lacto-fermented foods and beverages every day and avoid the foods that disrupt gut flora, especially refined carbohydrates.

Bone broth plays a double role of supporting the immune system and helping the body detoxify.

We are grateful to Beth Beisel, registered dietitian and WAPF member for reminding us about the protective factors in coconut oil. Swine flu is a lipid coated virus (, and thus is inactivated by sufficient amounts of monolaurin. (Our bodies convert lauric acid, found in coconut oil, to monolaurin).

According to Dr. Mary Enig, two to three tablespoons of coconut oil per day appears to be an adequate dosage to fight infection, even from virulent antibiotic-resistant organisms such as MSRA.

There are lots of ways to get coconut oil into the diet: stir coconut oil in some tea; make macaroons; replace some of the butter in baking with coconut oil; and use it in cooking/sautéing. Mary's oil blend (see below) is a good way to incorporate coconut oil in cooking and salad dressings.

1/3 melted coconut oil
1/3 sesame oil - expeller pressed
1/3 100% olive oil

Combine oils, store in a tight container, in an area free from sunlight, and use in cooking or on salads.


1 banana
1 cup frozen mango
1 cup frozen pineapple
1 cup orange juice
1/2 cup pomegranate/blueberry juice
1/2 cup natural yogurt or kefir, preferably homemade from raw milk
1/2 can coconut milk
Whirl in blender and drink to your health!

In addition to the above information from the Weston A. Price foundation, there are other recommendations for building natural immunity and natural treatments:
· Dr. Paul recommends sun (getting ample Vitamin D), rest and good nutrition
· Dr. Mercola recommends many of the herbs and nutrients, see
· Dr. Horowitz recommends nano silver, see
· Other sources recommend: 1) wash hands especially with public contact, 2) take winterberry and elderberry, 3) Avoid high sugar foods and processed foods which "spike your body's white blood cells and significantly leave you more susceptible to illness"
· A number of sources recommend having Dr. Christopher's Anti-Plague Formula on hand (see below)

We will be learning how to formulate Dr. Christopher's Anti-Plague Formula at the next Herbal Workshops in Arizona. This information could be vital for what is to come, and you now have an opportunity to come learn how to put together this formula as well as learn how to formulate all kinds of herbal remedies - an important step in self-reliance.

Take the precautions recommended and register for the next herbal workshop here: Even with contact of any sickness, you CAN fight it with natural immunity and means if you learn how!

Have a wonderful week!
Erleen Tilton