Monday, March 01, 2010

Is Your Metabolism Working FOR YOU?

The way your metabolism functions has everything to do with how you feel, and most importantly, how you either burn fat or store fat. So would you like to learn how to put your body in fat burning mode, rather than fat storing mode?

First, understand that most bodies in today’s world are in fa.t storing mode due to:
• eating foods that provide no energy (high-fat, high-carb, high-calorie foods that lack nutrition), that actually create lethargy or the slowing down of the metabolism
• lack of exercise since most of one’s daily activities are sedentary – sitting!

To put your body in fat burning mode, the key is – reverse it:
• eat foods that are high in nutrition (fresh vegetables, fruits, wholesome grains and legumes, foods lower in calories, fat and carbs), that actually create energy and speeding up your metabolism
• begin your day exercising with a good honest workout and find ways to exercise throughout the day (biking, walking, yard work, etc.)

Here are some ways to specifically speed up your metabolism:
• use different workout methods: stretching (Yoga), wei/ght lifting, aerobic
• alternate methods throughout the week: 30 minutes jogging alternately with walking; 20 minutes wei/ght work preceding a 20 minute aerobic workout; 60 minutes of consistent moderate workout (brisk walking or hiking)
• increase your water intake to aid your body’s cleansing process
• eat smaller meals which include mostly vegetables and a small amount of lean protein, whole grains, or beans; eat fresh fruits or vegetables between meals

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For your best health,
Erleen Tilton

Friday, February 19, 2010

If You Could Improve Just a Little.....

Here are a few simple suggestions that could make a huge difference in your health...

• Double your antioxidant intake in your meal by adding herbs to your salads, vegetables and main dishes: any green herb, ginger, cumin, marjoram, lemon balm – it's all great!
• Even if you don’t buy all organic produce….. The 12 most pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables include are peaches, apples, sweet bell peppers, celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, lettuce, grapes, pears, spinach, and potatoes. So buy these or most of these grown organically!
• Eat lots of greens in at least two meals: kale (the best), collards, mustard greens, turnip greens, spinach, chard, and leaf lettuces.
• Eats lots of red-orange-yellow foods: carrots, red bell peppers, sweet potatoes, and more – these are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
• Cut out the refined fats, and go only for the good fats: avocado, raw nuts, coconut, etc. And better yet, add avocado, olive oil, nuts and olives to your red-orange- yellow fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system and increase your fat soluble vitamins, example: add avocado to your salsa, olive oil to your steamed vegetables, nuts and olives to salads, and more!
• It is said that people who eat less, live longer! So don't eat until you are full, just eat to satisfy.

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For your best health,
Erleen Tilton

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Build Strong Bones!

There is much said about osteoporosis today, and reason enough since there are many who suffer with osteoporosis as they age. Here are some things to consider for keeping your bones strong.

First, view these statistics and findings:
1) A 12-year Harvard study of 78,000 women concluded that milk drinkers broke three times more bones than those who rarely drank milk
2) A study of women in Sydney, Australia concluded that high milk drinkers showed higher bone fractures
3) Pasteurized milk actually leaches calcium from the bones which is one of the major causes of osteoporosis – see
4) Soft drinks also dissolve calcium from teeth and bones because of the acid content
5) Acidic foods (cooked, high in sugars & starches, animals proteins) also leaching calcium from bones

There are many foods that are high in calcium and are better assimilated by the body – some of which might surprise you:
• green leafy vegetables: Swiss chard, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, collards, kale, beet, mustard, and turnip greens are loaded with highly absorbable calcium; spinach is the exception as the absorption rate is low
• beans (legume family) – chickpeas, tofu, all kinds of beans and peas are full of calcium plus magnesium which the body uses to build strong bones too
• seeds – sesame, sunflower, pumpkin seeds are all great sources of calcium
• sprouts – especially alfalfa sprouts, sunflower sprouts and others are also great sources of calcium

The most important thing is not just getting enough calcium, it is keeping the calcium you get:
• Active people keep more calcium in their bones than inactive people
• Jumping rope, running or jogging (not just walking), or playing some kind of active sport keeps your bones stronger
• Children should also be encouraged in active play (running, jumping, ball playing, etc.) to develop strong bones as they grow
• Weight lifting (dumbbells or sand weights) causes your muscles to pull on your bones making them more dense and stronger
• Remember too that Vitamin D is needed in order to keep your calcium – and getting 20-30 minutes of direct sunshine each day is really important for that

Again, the message seems to be to Eat Healthy Foods and get plenty of Exercise and Sunshine – if so, you have a greater chance at stronger bones!

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Erleen Tilton