Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So What About Chocolate and Cola?

There is much being said recently about dark chocolate and its possible health benefits. Here's some information from different resources that might give some helpful insights on both chocolate and cola drinks:

· "It is difficult to fault something that was known as the "Food of the Gods" to the Aztecs, but chocolate can certainly have its negative side. It is extremely high in fat, calories, and because of its bitterness, is invariably blended with large amounts of sweeteners. Chocolate also contains caffeine and theobromine (stimulants), tannic acid, and has a high content of oxalic acid (blocks absorption of calcium)." Source: TCW Product Information Guide
· "Because it (chocolate) is rich in the stimulants caffeine and theobromine, chocolate combats fatigue and gives a burst of quick energy." Source: Reader's Digest, Magic and Medicine of Plants
· "Kola Nuts are the seed kernels of 6 or 7 species of the genus Cola (Chocolate Family). The kernels contain more caffeine than coffee, also a little theobromine." Source: A Golden Guide, Herbs and Spices

This is my story. At age 21, I had over a dozen breast lumps. After having a mammogram, the medical practitioner: 1) assured me that the lumps were benign, 2) said that women are much more affected negatively by stimulants, and 3) recommended that I give up 4 things for life to avoid breast cancer which were: coffee, tea, cola drinks, and chocolate. Incidentally, I only had to give up one: chocolate - my favorite addiction! The others were not a part of my life. And within a few months, all the breast lumps disappeared and have never returned.

Chocolate and cola drinks do contain stimulants, and that's why they are addictive just like other addictive substances. That's why people crave them - that's why people get headaches if they try to avoid them once addicted.

Solutions: avoid addictive foods - those with stimulants!

* Replace chocolate with carob. "The taste of carob is 'somewhat similar' to chocolate but should be enjoyed for its own unique flavor. Carob is a naturally sweet product, about 40% natural sugars. Compared to chocolate, carob is low in fat and is not as allergenic." Source: TCW Product Information Guide

* Replace cola drinks with WATER, and nutritious high antioxidant drinks such as Zrii (Ayurvedically balanced)!

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For your best health,
Erleen Tilton

Monday, July 07, 2008

Avian Flu is Back on the Radar Screen Again

Here's an excerpt from a Natural Solutions Foundation newsletter:

Avian Flu is fluttering back into the news. We can expect more and more fraught reports of the dangers of this coming pandemic. Never mind that the supposed "vaccine" being cooked up is nonsense: the pandemic is to come and will be used for lock down and control by those who decide they need to shut down the last vestiges of a republic here in the US. The rest of the world will follow suit. And your body will be vaccinated with God Knows What unless you find a way to stop it before it starts.

We'll have a lot to say on this vitally important topic to help keep you informed and immunize you against the infection of misinformation the government is putting out. Here is information you need to know about a "Seasonal flu vaccine" which actually can bring about the much discussed pandemic - Flu Mist ®.

Please watch this important information before you subject yourself or your loved ones to FluMist® or any other flu vaccine.

For more information, see http://healthfreedomusa.org

Want my advice? Eat Carrots!!! (no joke)

For your best health,
Erleen Tilton

Protein/Fat Difference in Meat!

Over a year ago, I attended a conference in which I wrote in my notes that meats in today's world are higher in omega-6 fats, and lower in omega-3 fats, whereas years ago it used to be just the opposite. It didn't really register what this really meant until recently when I came across a chart in a book¹ which clearly displayed this. (I hope you can see these facts though they are not in chart form.)

Protein and Fat in Wild Game and Modern Feedlot Meats (3.5 oz. portion)

Meats, Grams Protein, Grams Fat

Wild Game
Goat, 20.6, 3.8
Wild boar, 16.8, 8.3
Rabbit, 21.0, 5.0
Deer, 21.0, 4.0
Bison, 25.0, 3.8
Whale, 20.6, 7.5

Modern Feedlot Meats
Prime lamb loin, 14.7, 32.0
Ham, 15.2, 29.1
Regular hamburger, 17.9, 21.2
Choice sirloin steak, 16.9, 26.7
Pork loin, 16.4, 28.0

So what does this information tell us?
* Animals in the wild have a higher protein content and lower fat content, whereas animals in confined feedlots have a lower protein content with a fat content 4-10 times higher than those in the wild!
* Animals in the wild eat mostly grasses which are higher in omega-3 oils, while animals in feed lots are fattened on corn and soy which are high in omega-6 oils.
* Animals in the wild are leaner - not only do they not overeat, they get more exercise. In contrast, animals in feed lots are fed to fatten, and have little exercise.

In conclusion, for better weight control and a healthier body, give up eating the modern feed lot meats (from the grocery stores & restaurants). We have many great vegetable proteins that do us a whole lot more good especially in the summer time when it is hot. Then when we do eat meats, choose those from animals that are grass-fed, free to roam in uncrowded conditions, those who get good exercise - animals that are raised in happy surroundings.

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I wish you the best always!

For your best health,
Erleen Tilton