Monday, July 07, 2008

Avian Flu is Back on the Radar Screen Again

Here's an excerpt from a Natural Solutions Foundation newsletter:

Avian Flu is fluttering back into the news. We can expect more and more fraught reports of the dangers of this coming pandemic. Never mind that the supposed "vaccine" being cooked up is nonsense: the pandemic is to come and will be used for lock down and control by those who decide they need to shut down the last vestiges of a republic here in the US. The rest of the world will follow suit. And your body will be vaccinated with God Knows What unless you find a way to stop it before it starts.

We'll have a lot to say on this vitally important topic to help keep you informed and immunize you against the infection of misinformation the government is putting out. Here is information you need to know about a "Seasonal flu vaccine" which actually can bring about the much discussed pandemic - Flu Mist ®.

Please watch this important information before you subject yourself or your loved ones to FluMist® or any other flu vaccine.

For more information, see

Want my advice? Eat Carrots!!! (no joke)

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