Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Are You Exercising Enough? (DE)

Exercise every day isn't just for losing weight, it's about keeping fit. It's not about having a skinny body, it's really about having a body that will work properly for you with the energy and stamina to help you do what you want to accomplish. It's about being strong, and keeping strong as you age. It's about taking care of the structure you have been given and learning to appreciate it more and more each day by giving it the best care you can so it will work properly for you.

Daily exercise in weight loss is vital because the only way to lose weight permanently is to change your set point, or lower your fat thermostat. Otherwise, you will most likely lose muscle weight instead of fat weight - a real problem in aging and continual weight loss!

Whether you work out at home, out on a path, or in a gym, there are three components to an effective workout. They are:
· stretching
· muscular fitness
· aerobic fitness

Stretching benefits:
· keeps joint flexible
· reduces tension and stress
· tones your body
· helps protect your body from injury especially as you age
· slows down aging and promotes youthfulness

Muscular benefits (by lifting weights even moderately):
· makes you look and feel better
· it speeds up your metabolism
· gives you more energy
· primes the body for ultimate fat burning
· increases bone density more than activities like swimming or even running
· offers tremendous protection against the thinning of bones (osteoporosis)
· builds more muscle to protect your joints

Aerobic benefits:
- your body burns fat as fuel
- lungs operate more efficiently
- blood vessels are more pliable for easier blood flow
- oxygen supply increases which means healthier blood
- healthier heart
- you eat, digest, and eliminate waste better
- you sleep better
- feel mentally and emotionally better

Here are my suggestions for the ultimate fat-burning workout (which I show you on my Living a Healthy Lifestyle Workout DVD at http://erleentilton.com/store.htm)

1) Do it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach
Forces body to tap into fat stores much more rapidly than on full stomach
Morning - blood sugar is very low, and hitting cardio now is advantage. When fully fed, body must burn through a lot of blood sugar prior to tapping into body for fuel. So when blood sugar is low, you will begin burning body fat first.
More muscle work you do first, the more fat-burning works to your advantage throughout the day
2) Start out with a 12-16 oz. glass of pure water before any session to hydrate yourself thoroughly
3) Begin with stretching and weight work for about 20 minutes
Stretch out your body thoroughly before doing any workout session
Next do weight work whether at a gym or at home using 3-10 lb. dumb bells or sand weights for both feet & hands (this doesn't mean heavy strenuous weights)
4) Good cardio program follows
Body has been primed for fat burning with weights - a good cardio is super effective as you'll be burning almost nothing but fat during exercise period
If time is limited - do a 16 minute 3-2-1 cardio workout (below)
If time permits - do a longer, moderate cardio for 45-60 minutes: jog/walk/hike outdoors or put on an educational program or music indoors (uplifting and/or high energy)
5)Ultimate secret to fat burning procedure for limited time:
The 16 minute 3-2-1 cardio workout, indoor or outdoor (or do the longer moderate cardio)
- 2 minute warm up
- 3 minute run (elevation of heart rate)
- 3 minute brisk walk
- 2 minute run
- 2 minute brisk walk
- 1 minute run
- 1 minute brisk walk
- 2 minute cool down (moderate walk)
6) What you eat following your workout session greatly affects your results
· no processed carbs (breads, cereals)
· raw vegetables with protein, or small amount of raw fruit and protein is best
7) Whenever possible, take a brisk walk prior to retiring at night, preceded and followed by at least16 oz. water, no food.

Get started on a good workout routine by ordering your copy of the Living a Healthy Lifestyle Workout DVD at http://erleentilton.com/store.htm. Also, consider coming to a health retreat this year where you learn the workout and do it following: http://erleentilton.com/retreats.htm

Have a wonderful week with Daily Exercise (DE)!
Remember Whole Foods, Pure Water, Daily Exercise (WF, PW, DE)! It's all important!

For your best health,
Erleen Tilton