Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Seven Tips for Losing Weight, Not Gaining, during the Holidays!

This time of year is such a wonderful time. There is a feeling in the air, people reach out to others more, and there are added socials and events that bring people and family members together. Is there away to avoid gaining a few pounds, and better yet, a way to actually lose a few during the holidays? Yes! Read on and find out how!

1) DRINK WATER - up to 3-5 quarts daily. This is one of the simplest step, yet one we usually think is hard, or forget. This will help you cleanse toxins and fat as well as have more energy too!

2) Increase your nutrition throughout the entire day - especially if you know you will be attending a social with food. If your day pervious to the event is high in nutrition - meaning lots of raw vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, whole grain cereals, etc. - you have little to worry about.

3) You don't have to eat all those things that are set before you - at work, at socials, given as a gift - you can say no. Give yourself permission to say No Thanks! You know the foods that are your worst temptations, so make a plan ahead of time on how you will avoid them!

4) Take time each day to exercise. Yes, it's the holidays and you are busy, but still take at least 30 minutes to exercise some way. You will feel better, and not only be able to burn fat, but you will have a less chance of getting sick.

5) Instead of buying or making the traditional candies, pastries, and goodies, buy or make something that is high in nutrition instead. There are just as many healthy foods to eat or make as there are unhealthy, so choose the healthy foods instead. If you don’t have your copy of my 31 Favorite Holiday Recipes you can order it here: http://erleentilton.com/store.htm.

6) For Christmas gifts, give non-food items. These items are much memorable, long lasting and are usually more appreciated, such as: a poem, story, picture, scripture or thought of the season, kitchen towels, hot pads, candles, simmering spices, cookie cutters, ornaments, my 31 Favorite Holiday Recipes and Simple Super Salads too – all which make great gifts!

7) Lastly, be positive and remember that most of our eating and weight balance is psychological! “What you focus on expands!” If your constant focus is “food” and fear of “weight gain”, then you will guarantee problems for yourself. If you focus on the importance of each celebrations, serving others, and are thinking “lean”, “energy”, “healthy”, and “fat burning” you will succeed!

So order your 31 Favorite Holiday Recipes and Simple Super Salads now at: http://erleentilton.com/store.htm. Better yet, order several of them. These are great gifts of better health for friends and family members too!

For your best health,
Erleen Tilton

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