Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why Your Colon and Kidneys are Your Lifeline!

The body is a beautiful system created in such a miraculous manor, and God gave us just the right wholesome foods to give us the nutrition for the energy we need, plus good pure water for cleansing. One of the most important functions in the body is eliminating wastes, toxins, and excess matter that the body does not need. Our elimination channels are through our skin, kidneys and colon, and if these channels are kept clean and healthy, we will be able to eliminate most sickness, disease, and disorder.

Think, for a moment, about all the garbage you put into your kitchen waste basket. If it doesn't get taken out or eliminated, what happens? It begins to stink, putrefy, decay, grow parasites, and more. Well, if your colon and kidneys aren't kept clean, they will do likewise - which will stress your system and create an environment for sickness, disorder and disease.

Once the foods we eat passes from the stomach, it enters the small intestines so the body can absorb the nutrients and take them to the blood stream and then to the cells. The bulk which is unusable by the body continues down the intestines to the colon, or large intestines, to make ready for its exit. However, if the digestive track is unhealthy and eliminates improperly, we experience a number of symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, bloody stool, bloating, persistent gas, frequent stomach cramps and pains, and constant fatigue. Not only that, headaches (especially migraines), acne, eczema and other skin disorders, even viruses and many food allergies, can be contributed to a plugged up and dysfunctional colon.

The kidneys and bladder are the means of removing liquid waste by the means of the blood. If we do not eliminate our toxic liquid wastes, not only are there bladder and kidney disorders and stones, there are other symptoms that surface such as: tonsillitis (specifically caused from kidney impurities), ear infections, sore throats, and more.

Eventually, when the intestines, colon, kidneys, and bladder are full of toxins and not able to flow properly or cleanse, guess what? Our cells become diseased and cancerous! When faced with colon cancer or such, we wonder why - thinking that we inherited it, when we have actually earned it through our poor eating and drinking choices.

So how can we prevent sickness, disease, and disorder and have a healthy elimination system?

· Natural fiber is lacking from our diets. We need to be eating more whole grains (cooked whole or sprouted), omitting breads, pastas and other flour products - especially white flour. White flour and water is often used as glue (paste), and has the same effect in the intestines when you eat it. Without the fiber, it has nothing to move it through the intestines.
· Other refined foods that are high in sugar, high in fats, and low in fiber, also do not nourish the body, but will clog, restrict passage, and putrefy. The pot belly stomach, though one may be occasionally eliminating, is a sure indicator that the canal walls are lined with putrefied matter. We need to omit processed foods completely from our diets and eat those foods that build, nourish and cleanse instead.
· Raw fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and sprouts are full of water rich vitamins and minerals, natural fiber, and enzymes for healthy digestion. If these foods are lacking from our diets, proper flow of the intestines is limited and becomes dysfunctional.
· High animal diets - including meat and milk products - also contribute to elimination problems because of the high fats, cholesterol, and indigestible matter. A diet which includes more legumes (beans and pea family - cooked and sprouted), and raw nuts and seeds for the protein will have much better elimination.
· Most people do not get sufficient amount of water. There are all kinds of drinks on the market, but good pure water is not only needed more, but is absolutely required for proper elimination. Any other liquids - no matter how much water they contain - cannot and will not do the job that water does. We need lots of good pure water daily, 3-4 quarts minimum for the average adult.

Most health problems can be prevented or eliminated with the use of good wholesome foods and pure water. You may not be able to be perfect at it, but you can do much better in preventing most sickness, disorder and disease by keeping the colon and kidneys healthy and flowing so they can function properly.

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For your best health,
Erleen Tilton

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H said...

I didn't think that elimination was a problem for me until I started reading more and more health books. Although water, water, water is at the top of everyones list it really didn't work for me. That can be frustrating! I could drink a gallon of good, pure water and nothing would change except I'd feel completely full and sloshy! The key for me and possibly others is the addition of fruit and veggie fiber. For some reason, if I had a salad and an apple along with good water it made all the difference! Now I have a great juicer and get a good jump start in the morning, in case I can't get the salad down during the day for some reason.