Thursday, January 01, 2009

Your Cells Determine the Quality of Your Life!

The health of your body depends on the health of your cells. You have over 75 trillion cells in your body - the tiny powerhouses are what keep us energized and alive. Cells are the miniature factories that process the nourishment we need and cleanse what we do not need.

Everything is cellular. Your body's outer world is reflection of your inner world. Since cells are only 7 years old, it's important to strengthen and improve quality of cells at any age.

What do our cells need to survive? Where do we best get these?
1. oxygen - source of all energy in the body through EXERCISE
2. nutrition - minerals specifically as our cells communicate with them through FOODS
3. the ability to eliminate waste - cells don't like a polluted environment, and chlorine and fluoride kill cells - the body wants PURE WATER

What 3 things cause Poisons to build up in the bloodstream?
1. taking in more than can be eliminated - OVEREATING, even if it's good foods
2. eating toxic substances - PROCESSED FOODS, UNHEALTHY ANIMAL PRODUCTS, more
3. an overly acidic diet - HIGH IN MEAT, DAIRY, SUGAR, STARCHES - which allow microorganisms to grow (yeasts, mold, etc.) and multiply, adding to the toxicity.

To keep the cells and blood healthy, it all begins with diet! Diet is really key to great health, energy, longevity, and youthfulness!

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Have a great New Year!

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Masenka said...

Great post! Many people forget how much impact your diet has on your health. But if you remember you are what you eat, since what you eat form the building blocks of your body. This is a good lesson.