Monday, January 12, 2009

Change Your Weight Permanently!

At the start of a New Year, I have decided to take one month at a time to focus on natural wei/ght management, then nutrition & health alternately throughout the year. Please feel free to give me your feedback, successes, challenges, and questions. I always try to respond if I can.

So How Do You Change Your Weight Permanently?

Because millions of dollars are spent each year on weight loss products, you would think that there would be many people losing weight! On the contrary, 65% of all Americans are overweight and the numbers are rising, not decreasing. In order to understand how to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight balance, we must first understand why people are overweight. And if you understand why people are overweight, you can reverse it in a simple, natural and permanent way.

There are 3 basic reasons one becomes overweight:
1) Choice of foods. Foods that are refined and processed in any way lose nutrition and have added calories (extra fats, sugars). In other words, most foods people eat are low in nutrients and high in calories, so the wei/ght piles on naturally.
2) Choice of drink. A variety of drinks are often drunk throughout the day: milk, punch, soft drinks, juice, coffee, teas, cocoa, sport drinks, alcohol - the list goes on. Most of these are dehydrators, de-energizers, full of pollutants and lots of extra calories!
3) Lack of exercise. Our lifestyles today require little natural forms of exercise. We ride, not walk or bike to work or to shop, we ride elevators & lawnmowers, hire out forms of labor, and we look for ways to make life easier without hard work!

Now, there are 3 basic ways to reverse this pattern and lose weight naturally and permanently. It's simple, it's not expensive, it's not time consuming, and it will be permanent if you stick to the principles. However, one KEY factor must be clearly understood: If you want to make a permanent change in your weight, you must make a permanent change in your lifestyle!!!

Here are the 3 basic ways to make a permanent change in your weight:
1) Choose to eat Whole Foods (WF). Whole foods are not found in packages, boxes, or cans. Start by filling up on lots of raw or lightly steamed vegetables, raw fruits, cooked whole grain cereals, cooked beans, fresh cooked wild salmon (or other lean fish), and omit the processed foods from your diet. You will find the weight will come off naturally.
2) Choose to drink Pure Water (PW). Pure water is so needed for cleansing the body of any impurities and pollutants all the way to the cellular level. Drink lots of water each day and you will find an increase in energy more than you can imagine.
3) Daily Exercise (DE) is a must. Plan it like you do your meals - and plan to do it twice daily instead of once. For example, start out the day with stretching, weights & aerobics for a 30 minute session or more, then go on a walk or bike (to the store, the neighbors, etc.) in the afternoon or evening. Plan it, and follow through with it.

I will go through these 3 steps in detail in the next three weeks, so stay alert because these are simple success secrets will greatly benefit you. First memorize these 3 steps:
Whole Foods (WF), Pure Water (PW), Daily Exercise (DE)

To start the year off right, commit to attending a health retreat to "live the healthy lifestyle" for 3 days and learn how to continue that process at home. To get full details and register, go to

For your best health,
Erleen Tilton


Anonymous said...

Erleen I love your philosophies and products, especially the cookbooks. But I was wondering if you provided the nutritional information for the recipes?

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