Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Ten Healthy Meals" and "Lose Weight this Holiday"

In October and November, I will be putting on some workshops. If interested, you can host a workshop (so you don't have to go anywhere), or you can come to another one! Even if you don't live in the Phoenix valley in Arizona, if you are interested in hosting a workshop, I will consider it if you can guarantee a crowd. Here are the brief details:

Ten Meals You Can Put Together in Ten Minutes!
$45 for the class - but if you pre-register and pay, you get my new cookbook "Creatively Complete Dinners"... for the Healthy Leaner Lifestyle hot off the press when it's available later this year! We will prepare and taste some of the foods, plus get the ten recipes from the forthcoming book! If you don't want the cookbook, class is $20 pre-registered.

Lose Weight - Not Gain Weight - This Holiday Season!
$20 pre-registration or $25 when you show - Come and learn: great fat burning techniques, fattening foods to run from, delicious holiday foods that are good for you, top party pleasers! Great hands-on learning and tasting - just in time to prepare for great healthy holidays!

If you would like to host one or both of these classes, please email me at with "workshops" in the Subject line. Let me know the class, times and dates that would work best for you and I will see if that is available. I do prefer Tuesday or Thursday evenings, or luncheons, and I do request a minimum of 12-15 people.

If you would just like to attend a class that is being hosted, email me at and I will notify you on booked workshops. Again, put "workshops" in the Subject line of the email.

Being Lean and Healthy is Super Simple and I will show you how at these workshops! Don't waste a minute - email me your request.

I look forward to hearing from you!

For your best health,
Erleen Tilton

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