Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Key Steps to Being Fit and Trim Naturally

Climbing the ladder of successful weight management is often a very challenging issue in today's society. Most of us have truly been raised on the principles of good nutrition, yet when it comes right down to it, if something tastes good, if it's on this week's sale ads, or is served in a restaurant or fast food stand, we forget about nutrition principles.

There are so many available foods at our fingertips, and because we are generally a social people, these foods are placed before us continually whether they will do us good or not. We have a tendency to overeat - basically because there is so much available, and also because our bodies are not satisfied with the low-nutrition content of foods we are eating. As with anything else, there are steps to successful weight management, and if you learn these principles, you will find permanent success.

1) The first key step is utmost important. We all seem to want a permanent change with our weight, yet we only consider temporary changes in our diet. Permanent weight management ultimately means a permanent change in our diet. It means letting go of bad and unhealthy habits and adopting new, healthy habits that will last a lifetime and bring lifetime success, not only in our weight, but in our overall health as well. So here and now, decide if you are ready for a permanent transition toward what you really, really want in your weight and health. If you can only consider a temporary change, you can expect only temporary results.

2) Understand that in eating foods there is a difference between wants and needs. What the taste buds want, is usually not what the body needs. Think about this. Food is only in the mouth 10-20 seconds, yet in the body for 24 hours - or more if it goes to the cellular level. So does it make sense to always be pleasing the tastes buds with "wants", or should we instead consider eating to please the body with its "needs"?

3) The dictionary defines food as something that "provides nourishment, strengthens, builds, promotes health". Think about all the different foods you eat or are most often found in the grocery stores. Can cake mixes, candy, potato chips, soft drinks, pastries, deserts of all kinds, etc. provide nourishment, strengthen, build, and promote health for the body? If they cannot, what are they doing instead, and can they truly be called foods?

4) There are two difference types of foods. One kind of foods comes almost straight from nature such as: raw fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, dry grains and beans. These foods are high in nutrition and fiber, and have a great balance of protein and carbohydrates (the kind that we need). These foods nourish, cleanse and energize the body. Processed foods are quite the opposite. These "so-called foods" are high in calories, fats, and salt, and are greatly lacking in nutrition and fiber. Thus, they clog, pollute and toxify the body creating sickness, disease and 0besity. Look at your diet and analyze the kinds of foods you are eating overall. Are they working for you or against you?

5) Take an inventory of your kitchen. This can honestly be an eye opening experience for you. With each food item, ask yourself: "Are these foods what my taste buds want, or what my body needs? Are these foods working for me or against me? Are these foods from nature or from man's creation of processing? Will these foods nourish and energize my body, or will they clog and de-energize me?" Then discard foods that provide no benefits. Don't feel guilty about doing this! They are better off going in a garbage can than in your body. Don't feel you need to pass them on to the neighbors either. They don't need them any more than you. Throw them in the garbage can where they belong, then commit to not buying any more of them.

Consider the principles above and how they will affect you when applied. You will begin to see that there are foods that love you, and there are foods that harm you. Eat those that love you, nourish you and promote good health and cleansing.

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For your best health,
Erleen Tilton

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julie said...

hi - i love the way you are so dedicated to this topic...its all about appreciating the good foods and understanding ourselves.

I thought I'd mention a fruit I've just come across called borojo - its from South America and is apparently really great in several ways including maintaining an even metabolism and as an aphrodisiac! Was wondering if you've come across it and how I can corroborate some of the claims they make about this so called 'wonder fruit'.

Keep up the great writing!