Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Do You Know Your pH?

It was several decades ago when Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that cancer thrives in an acidic environment due to a lack of oxygen, and cannot exist in an alkaline environment or high pH oxygen rich environment. For his discovery, he was awarded a Nobel Prize.

What does pH mean? It means: parts hydrogen. PH is measured on an acid to alkaline scale from 0-14, with 7 being the middle, neutral, or balance between the two. The higher the pH, the greater the oxygen levels in your cellular fluids, and if you maintain a pH of 7 and higher, it is proven that you will not be susceptible to major diseases such as cancer, heart disease and others for they can not live in an alkaline system.

What is your pH? You can test your pH with a piece of pH paper with your saliva or urine, however, knowing how to avoid an acidic condition and how to raise your alkaline levels is much more important.

Causes of Acidity:
1) Eating foods high in fats, starches, sugars – processed foods.
2) Eating mostly cooked foods which are more acidic, but especially fruits and vegetables (canned and bottled tomato sauce, canned fruits and vegetables), yeast breads and pastries, dairy, high fat/processed meats, etc.
3) Most drinks are highly acidic: coffee, tea, soft drinks, Gatorade, beer, fruit drinks, fruit juices (even many healthy kinds – if they are cooked, they are acidic).
4) Lack of exercise, not enough oxygen for the cells.
5) Stress, negative environment (watching crime television, news, listening to rock music, etc.)
6) Using chemical detergents, soaps, and body creams – most of which are highly acidic. The skin is the largest organ and it absorbs all the harsh acidic chemicals found in most cheap products available on the market.

Raising your Alkaline levels:
1) Eat a diet high in raw foods: raw fruits, raw vegetables (especially live greens), raw nuts, seeds and sprouts.
2) Avoid all milk products except for eggs on occasion.
3) Eat mostly organic foods: produce as well as other foods (they have not been grown with chemical fertilizers).
4) Avoid all processed foods – unhealthy fats, sugars, starches and proteins, eating more whole grains and beans in a natural form.
5) Drink lots of good pure water.
6) Get on a good daily exercise program and do it regularly and faithfully. Exercise is needed for more than just burning fat – you need to oxygenate your cells!
7) Read good uplifting books, those that are positive and build your spirit, especially before going to bed. Keep your environment happy and positive, and count your blessings often.
8) Discard all harsh soaps and body creams that are chemical based (most of them are) and replace them with those higher in alkaline. Shop at a health market and ask. You will pay more, but you do get what you pay for (quality or junk).

Having an alkaline system means that you will have more energy, your body will work more efficiently, you will sleep better, you will have better weight management, and you will have a healthier immune system - avoiding sickness and disease.

Life is a matter of choices, but you can choose to have a healthy alkaline system in many ways. If you want to know where to begin, start by pre-ordering your copy of Simple Super Salads – a great compilation of recipes, most of which are super simple, yet very nutritious, one-meal salads! Order your copy today and it will be sent to you hot off the press!

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Enjoy the effects of having a high alkaline system not only now, but for years to come!

To your best health,
Erleen Tilton


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IrvineRlaveen said...

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