Thursday, February 15, 2007

Antioxidants - the Why and What?

I have heard a saying often that I have revised somewhat that says:
"The doctor of real health will prescribe no medicine, but will interest his patients in the cause and prevention of disease."

Yes, disease and most illnesses can be prevented - and the beauty of this is that the solutions are sensible and simple because the real power of prevention lies in our foods - namely our antioxotants!

Antioxidants are great wholesome foods that battle free radicals that cause disease, and naturally build our immune system. Here are a list of some foods that are higher in antioxidants, though all raw fruits, vegetables, sprouts and nuts have some antioxidants.

* goji berries
* acai fruit
* blueberries
* pomegranats
* kale
* spinach
* walnuts
* apples
* wheat grass
* green tea
* green sprouts

This is just a list of some of our great antioxidant foods, but if you eat some of these on a daily basis, you will be able to have a stronger immune system for fighting disease!

To your best health,

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IrvineRlaveen said...

Hello Erleen,
For the last several years I have been shelling pomegranats and freezing them for use throughout the year.We eat them fresh for several months but then after the "season" we can only eat them frozen. Most of my kids and I love to eat them frozen with our whole grain cereal(usually ground wheat,rice,&oatmeal.) Do you think that freezing them takes away too much of their nutritional value. Would juicing them and then preserving the juice be any better? Are you aware of any health problems with freezing in plastic containers/bags. Thankyou for your insights in health issues.