Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Conquer the Colds and Flu!

It's cold and flu season again and it's no fun being miserable with a cold or the flu! However, colds and flu don't just grab you - they really come as nature's way of cleaning house if your body is in need of it. So you can do either one of 2 things: 1) sit back and relax and thank nature for saving your life when sicknesses do come, or 2) you can take the precautions to do the house cleaning and immunity building yourself so you don't get sick.

My daughter once approached me and said, "Mom, why does everyone get sick but you?" Well, that was a great observance from a growing child, but the truth of the matter is that if you eat well, and boost your immune system during cold and flu season, you will most likely avoid most sicknesses. Here's a few tips, foods, and supplements that work well for me:

1) During the holidays, most people double up on junk foods which are clogging and polluting to the body. If you don't get sick during the holidays, you will often get sick afterwards - again, it's a natural way for the body to cleanse. Just remember this: the more polluted your body is, the more cleansing is needed - or the longer the sickness lasts. If you can remember to eat mostly cleansing foods during the holidays, and afterwards follow a good cleansing program, you will be steps ahead.

2) Good cleansing foods include raw fruits (especially apples), raw vegetables, fruit and vegetable juices - preferably raw, especially fresh orange juice or green juices, lightly steamed vegetables, baked potatoes and squashes, vegetable and whole grain soups, and herbal cleansing teas.

3) Some of my favorite immune booster foods and products include:
* Emergen-C - 2000 mg. vitamin C packets, a must for colds, sinus, sore throat, etc.
* Fresh garlic - virus fighting, best to use fresh in green salads and main dishes once or twice daily, but it can also be taken in capsule form.
* Natrol Ultimate Antioxidant - greatest immune builder, I take 2-4 capsules daily when colds and flues are threatening.
* Echinacea with Golden Seal & Vitamin C - I have found this Oregon's Wild Harvest brand to be one of the most effective antibiotic/cleanser to fight colds, earaches, sore throat, etc. Do not take acidophilus at the same time as an antibiotic cleanses all bacteria.
* Probiotics: my favorite is UAS Labs, DDS-PLUS Acidophilus with Bifidus - a must for the flu, putting live bacteria in the intestines, and even in the colon if needed. This is also a must to take following a session of taking any kind of anti-biotics (medicinal, herbal) to build back the healthy bacteria.

Just think of it. You really don't have to suffer with sicknesses through the winter months. Get smart! Eat smart! Build your system and feel great instead!

To your best health,

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